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Grupa Futerek.

Performace collective.

Kuba, Szymon and Nina are siblings in a Polish family. Their parents arrived here in the early 80s as refugees, when refugees were welcome.

Their Polish identity has deeply marked their experience, despite the fact that Nina and Szymon were born here, and Kuba was only two when they arrived. Julien and Katy, having partnered into their extended family, have been sucked irrevocably into the 70s-flavoured Eastern European vortex of their sensibility. 


GRUPA FUTEREK (Translated as FUR GROUP) is a collective of Polish (and Polish-by-proxy) artists, who are also siblings (and siblings-by-proxy). We came together formally in 2014 for four performances at The Oxford Art Factory, as part of the Free Fall performance program, but we have been collaborating informally forever.

Several clear threads have emerged so far in our collaboration, including the exploration of Foreign-ness, Revelry, Colonisation, Containing Chaos, Fleeing Boredom and Physical Challenge. But our primary concern could be described as Sacrificing Your Self to Make Something Happen.

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