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All of Them in There.

UHD video (37 minutes), concrete, calico curtains.

All of Them in There is a video installation about architecture, concrete, violence, urban geography and crowds.

There are ghosts here too: those of Elias Canetti, Chantal Akerman and Chris Marker, as well as the deeply missed phantom of the 20th century European socialist project.


Above all, the question here is: All the people in there; do they like it?


You think they won’t.


But in fact they do.


But hold on a moment.


They actually really like it.


Ask them.


They like it.


They really actually do.



First shown at Firstdraft, Sydney, February 2016.



Review from Rochford Street Review




Installation photos by Kuba Dorabialski and Zan Wimberley,

with thanks to firstdraft.

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