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100 Minutes for 100 Years.

Single channel video installation with flags, fans and lights, 1'31", 2014.

100 Minutes for 100 Years, 2013

To mark the 100th anniversary of both Luigi Russolo’s Art of Noises manifesto and the premiere performance of Russolo’s notorious Intonarumori, or Noisemakers, Kuba Dorabialski and his ensemble perform a 100-minute composition exploring the last hundred years in the world of noise, including Kristallnacht, the birth of Stockhausen, the Tsar bomba, Cage's 4'33" and the dial-up modem sound.

Four public performances in Sydney as part of the Art in Odd Places festival.

Performed by:
Kuba Dorabialski
Szymon Dorabialski
Edward Dorabialski

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